Ultrasonic Diffuser collection

Ultrasonic diffusers are all the rage at the moment and here at Pure Scents Candles we have listened to consumer feedback and taken the time to source the very best that we can find and sell them at amazing prices. We buy directly from the factory which means our customers simply save more. All of our machines come with a 12 month warranty . Once you own one you will understand the craze, not only do the look good they are very effective.

We have a very good range of ultrasonic diffusers. The one thing you will find common with our range is our bowls hold 400 to 500 mls of water depending on the model you choose, this will give you up to 20 hours run time so you won't have to refill it every couple of hours. Our diffuses have timers so you can set for 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours and they automatically turn off if they run out of water. Very simple and easy to use and if your looking for easy care instructions to ensure you get the most out of your diffuser we supply an information sheet with each purchase and please have a look at our care instructions page from our main menu.